Wednesday, July 7, 2010

altering thee crib.

heyyy all! so i haven't posted for quite some time, but with good reason! i've decided to redo my room to accomodate my ever-changing style. due to this remodeling, i've been searching different sites and stores for some cute and inexpensive decorations. i've found many, but these are some of the things (or similar to some of the things) i myself am adding or have already added to my new spac! let me know what you think!!!

p.s. im still undecided on the color i want to paint my room...SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED!!!(:

i would be so lost without these things! i keep everything from pictures to reminders on it and i hung it in a central place within my room so i'm guarunteed to glance at it and be reminded of something i needed to do. mine are actually a light off-cream pinkish color.

i'm obsessed with decorative frames and i absolutely love this one! bright and cheery (and only $10.00!)

I didn't purchase these exact ones, but something like them. I found a plain mini-mannequin at a craft store then put my own creative twist on it with a little paint and high-gloss topcoat. not only does it look fabulous, but it is a convinient place for my necklaces&bracelets!

I got these exact wall cubes in white. not so good for storage (they dont stay up with heavy objects in them) but they're great for holding trinkets as decoration.

simple. modern. low price. 16.99--> TARGET<3>

I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH PAPER LANTERNS! i actually hung one up accidentally out of curiosity and i loved the look so much, i added more in different colors! i think it adds a mix of cozy, shique and girly to create an awesome atmosphere in any room.


  1. Some great items here! I love paper lanterns too :D What about painting your room the colour theme of your blog? The green is so fresh! :)

  2. thats so funny because i was seriously thinking the same thing! great minds think alike i guess(: thanks for commenting!

  3. I'm also in love with paper lanterns.