Wednesday, June 30, 2010

honey bee.

wondering what you're currently hearing? good question my's a song called "Bitter Heart" by a fantastic artisit named Zee Avi. i'm loving the lyrics to her songs. i have posted a few below from another of her's called "Honey Bee":

"i am a honey bee, shuned from the colony, and they won't let me in. so i left the hive, they took away all my stripes, and broke off both my wings. so i'll find another tree and make the wind my friend. i'll just sing with the birds who tell me secrets of the earth. but my other honey bee is stuck where he doesn't wanna be. oh, my darling honey bee, i'll come save you even if it means i have to face the queen."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

oh, and one more thing..

on my quest to go green, i happened to stumble upon this AH-mazing website for planet-friendliness. well, here it is! clickclickclick:

green fever.

hello. i'm pretty sure i'm talking to myself, considering no one really goes on here i'm sure. anyway, i don't know what came to me but i have set a new goal: to go green. i've attempted this many times before (all were epic fails) but i don't give up easily, so i will try again. i've already scavengered the house looking for things to recycle (a great success btw). i have about 10 pounds of school papers (probably a whole tree-worth of paper). personally, i think schools should really cut down on the amount of paper being used. we are in an age of technology in which paper is not always needed. i can't even imagine the amount of paper wasted throughout the course of the year. anyway, getting back on track, i hope this planet-friendly frenzie will turn out to be more than a phase. i'm really going to try my hardest to do my part to help save the earth. yay(:

Monday, June 28, 2010


hello. this blog has been created due to my immense summer daytime bordem. i'm still not quite sure what this thing is all about. a little help would be lovely. well, seeing as that i have nothing to write about (because my life is just THAT exciting) i will leave. until later.