Tuesday, June 29, 2010

green fever.

hello. i'm pretty sure i'm talking to myself, considering no one really goes on here i'm sure. anyway, i don't know what came to me but i have set a new goal: to go green. i've attempted this many times before (all were epic fails) but i don't give up easily, so i will try again. i've already scavengered the house looking for things to recycle (a great success btw). i have about 10 pounds of school papers (probably a whole tree-worth of paper). personally, i think schools should really cut down on the amount of paper being used. we are in an age of technology in which paper is not always needed. i can't even imagine the amount of paper wasted throughout the course of the year. anyway, getting back on track, i hope this planet-friendly frenzie will turn out to be more than a phase. i'm really going to try my hardest to do my part to help save the earth. yay(:

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